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Surgent’s ReadyPASS is a unique tool that’s enabling candidates to pass the CPA Exam the first time, faster.

With ReadyPASS, you’ll complete a thorough assessment and receive:
-Your ReadySCORE, an award-winning feature that estimates what you’d receive on the actual CPA Exam.
-A detailed performance breakdown by content area and topic, so you know exactly where you need to focus your study time.
-A comparison showing how your ReadySCORE stacks up against others who have passed.
-The estimated time required to complete your studies and become exam-ready.

Candidates are using ReadyPASS as a pre-study assessment to inform their study plans and as post-study verification to validate their exam readiness.

To get started, simply click on the drop-down menu on the right and select which CPA Exam section you’d like to review.


Surgent CPA Review’s full 4-part courses are powered by a proprietary adaptive learning software, A.S.A.P. Technology™, which enables candidates to pass the CPA Exam more efficiently and effectively than ever before by crafting personalized study programs for each candidate.

Essentials Pass includes:
-Full 4-part review, 100% aligned with AICPA blueprints
-Award-winning adaptive technology
-Access that never expires (and free automatic content updates)
-7,700+ MCQs, 400+ simulations, 350+ nano-sized video lectures
-E-books & lecture study notes for all 4 exam sections
-Customized study plans that adapt to you, saving up to 400 hours of study time
-Mobile flashcard app with terms and definitions for all 4 exam sections

Premier Pass includes all features of Essentials Pass plus:
-Printed textbooks for all 4 exam sections
-Printed flashcards for all 4 exam sections
-1-on-1 virtual coaching from a CPA Exam expert

Ultimate Pass includes all features of Premier Pass plus:
-Integrated test bank with over 1,000 additional MCQs
-Audio lectures for all 4 exam sections
-Ultimate customer support (responses to content & technical issues within 1 business day)
-Surgent’s Excel for Accounting Professionals on-demand course


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Surgent CPA Review Core Features

Unlimited Access
Enjoy complete access (and support) until you pass the exam!

Automatic Updates
Rest easy knowing you’re always studying up-to-date material.

Mobile Friendly
So you can study whenever and wherever works for you.

Indicates performance, so you know exactly when you’re ready to sit for the exam!

Bite-Sized Videos
Forget 2-hour lectures. Our videos last just 10-20 minutes and focus specific, digestible topics.

A.S.A.P. Technology Phases Overview





By completing a series of questions pulled from all exam areas, you’ll establish your baseline, or your ReadySCORE™, in this phase. Find out how you’d score if you sat for the CPA Exam today, where your key weaknesses lie, plus how many study hours
you need to achieve a passing score.