The creator of CPA Exam Guide, Bryan Kesler, CPA, shares his tips for passing the CPA exam.


2016 was a big year for the CPA exam! The FASB issued several ASUs, some of which will be tested beginning this January, the testing window for 2017 was extended, and the AICPA announced that the exam will change on April 1, 2017. We understand that keep track of these changes can be difficult. To […]


The importance of time hasn’t been understated in history. Everyone from Einstein to Hemingway has expounded the significance of each second, but we seem to waste it constantly. That’s why I’m going to explain how you can stop wasting your CPA exam study time…by studying less. Sure, you can spend 250 hours studying for each […]


In this issue, discover what to expect when you arrive at the Prometric Testing Center for the CPA exam, so that nothing catches you by surprise on your testing date. What to expect when you arrive at Prometric: Sitting for the CPA Exam is a unique experience, especially when it comes to Prometric. There are very […]

scholarship program

Surgent CPA Review, a premier provider of cpa preparation courses, recently announced the launch of their newest scholarship program.

prometric testing center

Knowing and understanding the process at the testing center may not remove the exam jitters but it will help to reduce the stress level a bit.


If you are someone planning to study for the CPA exam during busy season, then this article is for you. The creator of CPA Exam Guide, Bryan Kesler, CPA, shares his tips for how to find time to study during busy season.


You lose study skills quickly after graduating from college. Here is a simple 5 step plan to get the CPA exam process started.