Tip of the Month: How to Apply for the CPA Exam

By Elizabeth Kolar, MBA, CPA, CGMA

Graduates: with graduation around the corner, many of you may be applying for the CPA Exam soon. Here is a guide for what you need to know when it comes to applying for and scheduling your exams.

Liz Kolar, co-founder of Surgent CPA Review, sat down with us to discuss what you should know about the welcome screens on the CPA exam. Avoid wasting time and money by knowing what to expect on these screens ahead of time. When you arrive at your testing site and launch the exam, there will be […]

Tip of the Month: How to Prepare for Exam Day

By Elizabeth Kolar, MBA, CPA, CGMA

cpa exam day plan

Having an exam day ritual is almost as important as making sure you studied enough for the section you are sitting for. Always make sure you prepare a plan for exam day – from the minute you wake up to the minute you arrive at the Prometric Testing Center. Here’s what should go into that plan.

Stricter Inspections Coming to Prometric Testing Centers in U.S.

By Surgent CPA Review Team


Starting on October 15, 2016, Prometric will be conducting much stricter inspections at testing centers in the U.S.

The First Steps in the CPA Exam Application Process

By Surgent CPA Review Team

CPA exam application

Congratulations on deciding to register for the CPA Exam! Here are the first steps in the CPA Exam application process.

What to Expect At The Prometric Testing Center

By Surgent CPA Review Team

prometric testing center

Knowing and understanding the process at the testing center may not remove the exam jitters but it will help to reduce the stress level a bit.