Work-life balance for accountants

By Jack Castonguay

work life balance accounting

Tips for creating a proper work-life balance for accountants  In the food chain of life, does your career feel like the whale gobbling up the plankton of personal time? As an accountant, you expect busy seasons and long hours, and now you’re thinking of studying for the CPA Exam?   Take a deep breath. Before your […]

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Becoming a certified public accountant (CPA) is a time-consuming but worthwhile endeavor. For many accounting students and new accounting professionals, passing the exam and getting a CPA license is the ultimate goal. Becoming a CPA can lead to job security, a higher salary and advancement opportunities.  A CPA license is the industry standard for ensuring […]

Tips to succeed as first-year accountant

By Jack Castonguay

In the transition from college degree to first job in accounting, the stakes are high – and the rewards are even higher. You’re launching a rewarding career offering good pay and a multitude of advancement opportunities.   For first-year accountants, there will be long days during busy season, but this also is an incredible learning experience. […]

Guide for the Recent CPA Grad

After several years of college and numerous years of school before that, you’re finally ready to dip your toes (or jump headfirst) into the real world. As a recent accounting graduate, you likely have a few preconceived ideas of what your life is going to look like once you start your first job. Let’s talk […]


Surgent Exam Review is proud to announce a free virtual roundtable, titled “Professionalism in a Virtual World: Preparing for the New Normal” on July 22, 2020 4-5 p.m. EST. The strategic discussion will feature a panel of esteemed experts who will address the challenges a virtual professional may face. Topics will include recruiting, interviewing, managing […]

It’s no secret that the United States is in the midst of a digital transformation – that’s easy to see with the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies and digital assets, as evidenced by the huge growth in 2019 that’s expected to surge again in 2020. Much of the criticism surrounding cryptocurrencies relates to its value being […]

5 tips for building rapport with your faculty adviser

By Jordan Junqua

Your faculty advisor can be a tremendous resource for everything from career planning to preparing for your first interview. Here are 5 easy tips for building a relationship with this person!

As you start your CPA journey, you’re probably wondering the best course of action when it comes to exam prep. Is it enough to have a massive test bank of exam questions, or is it better to have a full-on review course? Below, we’ll review the pros and cons of a test bank and a CPA […]

UniversityPASS is Surgent’s award-winning curriculum solutions tool built to equip accounting students with the tools they need to pass the CPA Exam — all while making professors’ jobs easier. The tool includes content such as multiple-choice questions with detailed answer explanations, links to online textbooks, on-demand video lectures, and lecture notes and slides. Professors can […]

The field of data analytics is growing, and future CPAs need to be prepared to make meaningful business decisions from big data. According to Surgent’s Chief Knowledge Officer Liz Kolar, knowing data analytics can keep accountants from having to perform routine transaction processes. Instead, accountants can focus on learning from their data and communicating their […]