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Choosing the Best CPA Review Course for Section II: Business Environment and Concepts (BEC)

The second section of the CPA exam, Business Environment and Concepts (BEC), covers a variety of topics related to operating a successful practice. From general economic principles to specific technology-related issues, this section requires you to have a solid and comprehensive understanding of doing business in today’s marketplace. When choosing your CPA exam prep materials, ensure that the appropriate BEC subject areas are clearly discussed. The best CPA review course offers a breakdown of the following topics.

Corporate Governance

Ensuring that corporations have solid, reliable internal controls became a priority after a series of dramatic failures in corporate governance. This area of the BEC section ensures you have a thorough understanding of foundational corporate governance principles. You will demonstrate that you know the purpose and objectives of internal control frameworks and that you can identify the crucial components of successful risk management. In this section, you will also be expected to show an understanding of the 2002 Sarbanes-Oxley Act.

Economic Concepts and Analysis

In the second area of the BEC section, you take a step back from the internal financial workings of a business. Here, you will demonstrate your knowledge related to market influences on the business environment, the cyclical nature of business, and the financial risks of these external factors. You will also show your understanding of how these external influences relate to accounting activities.

Financial Management

Your basic accounting classes were probably quite some time ago, so this is an important area to review during your CPA exam prep. Financial management covers the various calculations and metrics that are used to examine and understand an organization’s financial health.

Information Technology

In the fourth area of the BEC section, you will show your understanding of how technology impacts today’s businesses. You will demonstrate knowledge related to information technology governance as well as the risks inherent in reliance on technology to house critical business data.

Operations Management

Finally, the BEC section reviews your understanding of how business operations are managed in areas such as collecting and analyzing performance metrics, maximizing quality control, and monitoring progress through budgeting and forecasting techniques.

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