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Ensure the Odds are in Your Favor with High Quality CPA Study Material

Whether you start by sitting REG, FAR, AUD or BEC, your choice of CPA study material can significantly impact your final score. And considering fewer than 50 percent of CPA candidates are successful in passing the exam, this decision can mean the difference between moving forward with your career and spending many more hours studying for your second try. And the CPA Exam Review Course you choose matters, this isn’t designed to be a cram course. You’ll be with them for a while. You can see a comparison of the best CPA Exam Review courses here looking at Becker CPA Review, Roger CPA Review Course, Gleim CPA Review Course and Surgent CPA Review. In the meantime, here’s what you should be looking for in a review course provider:

Multi-Media Approach

Learning styles vary from person to person, and there is no one-size-fits-all approach to CPA exam preparation. And that’s why you need to keep your personal style in mind when it comes to choosing a CPA Review Course. While some students find that reading through CPA study material is enough to pass the exam, others learn more effectively through study courses with both video lectures and audio lectures, or through completing practice questions and flashcards in their test prep. In many cases, learners get the greatest value from a combination of these teaching methods.

Choose a course package that gives you options when it comes to reviewing complex topics in your study guide. Examples include webinars and webcasts, printed material, and online self-study. This flexibility can be crucial in boosting your ability to retain the information and apply it to exam questions when the time comes.

Easy to Fit Into Your Life

We know it can be tough to fit in the full study time, especially if you’re working or studying full time as many of you are. That’s why you should look for a CPA Exam prep course that can fit into your life. Maybe you only have time to study during your commute, so you need a CPA prep course that offers either a mobile app or mobile access, maybe digital flashcards and downloadable course materials – whether you’re an android user, or iPhone.

Identification of Focus Areas

Of course, all CPA Exam Prep Courses should align to the CPA Exam blueprints outlined by the AICPA, that’s a given. But it’s important they also realize that you are starting your test prep with a wealth of knowledge from college courses, work experience, and independent reading. This is key when choosing your course provider. The best CPA study material helps you gain a clear understanding of where your strengths lie, so you don’t spend too much time reviewing information you have already mastered – this is commonly called adaptive learning. But keep in mind, all CPA course providers may say they have adaptive tech, but they often require a little deeper digging.

Dynamic Instructors

Ultimately, the quality of instructors can make or break a study material, and your CPA exam review is no exception. Choose a course provider that offers an experienced faculty with the communication skills necessary to relay complicated concepts – and a strong customer support hotline for any problems you run into. Your CPA review provider should offer access to these individuals and your instructors for support, whether you have questions on multiple choice questions (MCQs) or even if you need clarification on any of the exam sections.

Provider Confidence

No CPA Review Course can guarantee a passing score on your first try, but you can learn a lot about the effectiveness of the CPA study material offered by looking at the level of confidence your provider has in your ability to be successful based on the amount of study time you put in. Does the provider offer statistics on pass rates from program participants? Will you have to pay another enrollment fee if you need to access materials again to prepare for a retake, or do you have course access until you pass? Find a CPA exam prep program that will work with you until you have achieved a passing score – and find one that has a money-back guarantee if you don’t pass. They should trust in their CPA Exam study materials.

Financing Options

Don’t settle for a low-quality CPA Exam Review Course, even if it costs a little more for high quality. The time and money you will save by passing the exam on your first try makes your investment worthwhile. Plus often, course providers will offer payment plans, alongside beneficial, great value feature like test banks, unlimited access and practice exams alongside the study planner.

Becoming a Certified Public Accountant does take work, but it isn’t impossible. Surgent is an industry leader when it comes to CPA exam preparation, and Surgent CPA Review Course and our proprietary adaptive learning technology (known as A.S.A.P. Technology™) received a number one ranking on the popular review site “Crush the CPA Exam”.

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