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CPA Test Prep: Mastering the BEC Written Communication Questions

Even those who are completely confident that they have a thorough understanding of the BEC material often have anxiety about this section of the CPA exam. After all, accounting expertise doesn’t necessarily translate into excellent writing skills. Devoting some of your CPA test prep to practicing for written communication questions is the best way to guarantee your success on this section. Remember, the written communication tasks are 15 percent of your total score, so it is difficult to pass the exam without getting points on these questions.

What to Expect From BEC Simulations

There are three written communication tasks you must complete for the BEC section of the CPA exam. You will have three short case studies, and your job is to create an appropriate written document that responds to each case study scenario. The exam refers to your answers as “constructed responses,” and you will be given instructions on the specific type of document you are expected to write — for example, a memo or a letter.

Preparing for the BEC Exam

As you complete your CPA test prep, make sure that you take advantage of your CPA review course’s sample question bank. Throughout your study schedule, take a few moments to write out practice responses. By completing a dozen or more of these before you actually sit for the test, you will reduce your anxiety and improve your overall performance on the CPA exam.

How Written Communication Tasks Are Scored

Practice scoring your written responses to sample questions, so that meeting scoring criteria becomes second nature by the time you take the test. These are the most important elements of your written communication:

  • Organization: This has to do with the way you set up your document. You should have a thesis statement in the opening paragraph, and subsequent paragraphs should support your thesis. The entire piece should logically flow from one thought to the next.
  • Development: Here, you are scored on how well you supported your ideas by including facts, definitions and examples.
  • Expression: This includes all of the writing fundamentals you learned in your high school English classes. Appropriate grammar, punctuation, capitalization and so forth go a long way towards getting you high marks in expression.

Keep in mind that there are two ways to immediately fail a question: off-topic responses and illegal advice. Don’t let your hard work go to waste by making these easy-to-avoid errors.

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