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Preparing for Task-Based Simulations With Online CPA Exam Review Courses

When preparing for the CPA exam, most people think of multiple choice questions. However, task-based simulations carry just as much weight when it comes to calculating your score. Online CPA exam review courses offer an opportunity to practice task based simulations, as you will complete the sample activities in an environment that mirrors the test format. These are a few of the most common questions CPA candidates have about task-based simulations:

How Many Simulations Are Required in Each Section of the Exam, and How Much Impact Do They Have on My Final Score?

You must complete task-based simulations in each section of the exam, however their number and scoring weight vary slightly.

  • AUD: 8 tasks/50 percent of your score
  • BEC: 4 tasks/35 percent of your score
  • FAR: 8 tasks/50 percent of your score
  • REG: 8 tasks/50 percent of your score

The primary difference between the BEC section and other sections is that you also have three written communication activities to complete in the BEC section. The written communication activities make up the remaining 15 percent of your BEC score.

What Resources Are Available Within the Exam to Complete Task-Based Simulations?

Each task-based simulation includes a variety of tools and resources to ensure you have what you need to successfully complete the activity. Some of these include:

  • Work Tabs: This is where you enter your responses. Color coding gives you visual confirmation that you have input data where required.
  • Informational Tabs: These include the data you need to complete the task-based simulations. For example, you might find formulas, tax rates or present value tables, depending on the topic
  • Directions Tab: This is your first stop when completing task-based simulations, as it has detailed instructions on how to use the tools available to you. Review this information through your online CPA exam prep materials in advance to save time during the actual exam.
  • Calculator: Critical documents are located here to assist you in completing your tasks. Examples include the AICPA Professional Standards, the Tax Code and the Internal Revenue Code.
  • Authoritative Literature:One of the most valuable tools in your arsenal, the calculator helps you complete complex calculations quickly and accurately.

How Are Task-Based Simulations Scored?

You can get partial credit for task-based simulations, as each activity offers between five and 10 scoring opportunities. This method of scoring benefits you, as you don’t have to worry about losing all of your points for a minor error.

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