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Surgent CPA Review offers the perfect course to supplement the accounting knowledge college students and recent graduates already have from their college classes. Our proprietary adaptive software, A.S.A.P. Technology™, identifies the topics you already know and those you don’t know as well to provide you with only the content you need to learn to get exam-ready. In this way, Surgent students are able to save over 400 hours of study time.

Plus, Surgent CPA Review offers students unlimited course access. If you’re too busy studying for classes and enjoying the college experience, rest assured that Surgent CPA Review will be there when you’re ready to come back to studying for the CPA Exam.

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Time-Saving Approach

Try the only course that’s getting students exam-ready in 46 hours, on average.

Unlimited Access

Enjoy course access from the time you sign up through whenever you pass the CPA Exam.

Mobile Compatibility

Study on-the-go with our mobile compatible study materials and flashcard app.

“Saving time & money, love it” – Grisel A.

Students love Essentials Pass for the adaptive learning technology, access that never expires with free content updates, customized study plans that save 400 hours of study time, and mobile flashcard app for studying on-the-go.

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Nervous about passing the CPA Exam?

Surgent students aren’t – thanks to ReadySCORE! This exam-readiness metric allows students to feel confident that they’re ready to sit for the exam by estimating their CPA Exam score – as though they were sitting that day – at every step of the study process.

Hear how ReadySCORE helped Obed pass the CPA Exam.

Praise for Surgent

American Business Awards

American Business Awards:
Silver Stevie Award

Technical Innovation of the Year – At Organizations With Up to 100 Employees

“The efficiency gains Surgent ReadySCORE delivers to their students is amazing.”

I Pass The CPA Exam

#1 CPA Review Course of 2020

from I Pass the CPA Exam

“Surgent CPA’s course is the only one that offers CPA candidates with a ReadySCORE that indicates when someone is ready to sit for the exam. Plus, it’s the only course I’ve seen that demonstrates the ability to reduce a candidate’s overall study hours.”

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