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Why Choose Surgent?

If you choose Surgent CPA Review, you will study LESS and pass FASTER! Surgent CPA Review’s unique A.S.A.P. Technology™ quickly assesses each candidate’s strengths, identifies unique areas of need, and then creates customized study plans that focus you exactly where you need help—greatly reducing study time, while making the time spent studying more effective.

By combining this unique technology with Surgent’s highly engaging content–including integrated text, questions, and our unique nano video lectures—Surgent CPA Review students have been able to achieve these amazing statistics:

  • Students who followed our suggested plan achieved an 89.7% pass rate
  • Students who reached at least an 80% trending score in our program passed nearly 100% of the time
  • Students attained these incredible pass rates while averaging less than 95 hours of study time per part


“For the past ten years I have struggled down the path to the coveted CPA. I’ve taken every course out there but couldn’t get it done. After using Surgent CPA Review I was able to conquer “the beast” called the CPA exam in 18 months! My lifelong dream has been accomplished! Thank you Surgent CPA Review for giving me the tools that I needed to be successful on the CPA exam.” 
– Melantha P @ MBA, CPA Candidate



* Please note: We will follow up with you within 3 business days of your purchase to obtain a copy of your documentation proving your previous purchase. Failure to provide proof of a previous course purchase may result in you being charged the difference between the discount taken and our retail price. Proof of purchase of a competitor’s product must be worth a minimum of $750 for the full course discount (SWITCHFULL or SWITCHPREM). Proof of purchase of a competitor’s single part product must be worth a minimum of $150 for the single part discount (SWITCHPART).


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