Take the Guesswork out of CPA Exam Readiness with ReadyPASS

Whether candidates study without a CPA Review course or with a course that didn't offer a concrete analysis of their exam readiness, many students go into the CPA Exam not knowing if they're truly prepared to pass. More often than not, it's the difference between passing and failing. That's where ReadyPASS comes into play!

With ReadyPASS, students complete a thorough 150-question diagnostic assessment to get their ReadySCORE™ - our estimate of what they'd get on the CPA Exam - and a detailed performance diagnostic report, which includes a comprehensive breakdown by content area and topic of students' strong and weak points, an analysis of how their ReadySCORE stacks up against others who have passed the CPA Exam, and an estimated time required to complete their studies in order to receive a passing score on the exam.

ReadyPASS is unique in the market - No other CPA Exam Review course provider offers an accurate, thorough, and actionable exam diagnostic tool like this.


ReadyPASS helps professionals pass the CPA Exam

"Don't sit for the CPA Exam without the confidence of knowing that you're fully prepared."

- Ryan Hirsch, Director of Market Development

CPA Exam candidates use ReadyPASS as:

  • A pre-study assessment to identify their baseline knowledge and see how much content they already know
  • A study plan guide to identify topics where they should spend more - or less - time studying
  • A post-study verification to take the guesswork out of CPA Exam readiness

What is a ReadySCORE™?

ReadyPASS students receive their ReadySCORE at the conclusion of the assessment. This groundbreaking CPA Exam readiness measure lets students estimate what they'd score on the CPA Exam if they took it at that time, enabling them to study confidently and pass the CPA Exam on the first try. ReadySCORE can be viewed cumulatively, by content area and topic, and in Surgent's CPA prep courses, by question type (like MCQ, task-based simulation, or written communication question).

How accurate is ReadySCORE? Our studies have shown that the average student's ReadySCORE at the time they sit for the Exam is within 4% of their actual CPA Exam score.

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*Results based on ReadySCORE across all exam content areas, topics, and question types.