50% Discount if You Used a Competitor’s CPA Review Course

Did you previously purchase Becker, Roger, Wiley CPAexcel, or any another CPA Review provider’s course and fail the CPA Exam? You’re definitely not alone! According to the AICPA, the national average pass rate is under 50%, so many students fall into this category. Whether you’re unhappy with your current review course, or have failed the CPA Exam and are ready for a change, we are here to help.

We understand how costly, frustrating, and (unfortunately) common that is, so we want to help!

Any CPA Candidate who can verify that they have purchased another CPA Review course is eligible to receive Surgent CPA Review at a significant discount. If a student has purchased a complete four part course, they are eligible to receive 50% off Surgent CPA Review using discount code PASS50. If they have bought individual parts, they are eligible to receive 33% off individual parts using discount code PASS33.

Just use discount code PASS50 (for complete 4-part course) or PASS33 (for individual parts) at checkout:


We will follow up with you within 3 business days of your purchase to get a copy of your documentation proving your previous purchase.

Do you prefer to use our no-interest tuition plan? As long as you enroll in our full 4-part course, the tuition plan option is still available to candidates who take advantage of our 50% off discount. To take advantage of this payment plan offer, simply connect with us via live chat, send us an email at cpareview@surgent.com or call us at (844)-500-3810.


“For the past ten years I have struggled down the path to the coveted CPA. I’ve taken every course out there but couldn’t get it done. After using Surgent CPA Review I was able to conquer “the beast” called the CPA exam in 18 months! My lifelong dream has been accomplished! Thank you Surgent CPA Review for giving me the tools that I needed to be successful on the CPA exam.” – Melantha P @ MBA, CPA Candidate