Essentials Pass – Firm Payment Plan

Price: $200.00

Product Features:

With our 0% interest, no-processing or enrollment fees payment plan, you can get started with Essentials Pass for just $200 and spread out your total investment of $1148 over 8 months.

The original 4-part CPA prep course that started it all. Essentials Pass is best for the student who wants to stick to the software, no add-ons needed. Essentials Pass is powered by Surgent’s own adaptive learning software, A.S.A.P. Technology™, which creates study programs that are customized for student. Specifically, A.S.A.P. Technology™ identifies each student’s knowledge gaps, and creates study plans geared towards closing them. As a result, Surgent students save up to 400 hours of study time while achieving pass rates that are nearly 2x the national average.

Essentials Pass includes 6,000+ multiple-choice questions, 400+ task-based and document review simulations, and 350+ “bite-sized” videos, which are focused on specific topics and come with customized study notes.