Premier Pass


Premier Pass

Premier Pass takes the most effective CPA Review course on the market to the next level by adding printed study materials and 1-on-1 virtual coaching. Ideal for students who benefit from studying with physical books and getting personalized guidance from a CPA Exam expert.

A.S.A.P. Technology

Surgent’s award-winning adaptive software determines what you don’t already know and customizes a plan for YOUR most efficient path to 75+. And as you study, ReadySCORE will show you exactly how exam ready you are!

Optimized Content

You’ll get all the AICPA-aligned content you could ever use. But with Surgent, you’ll only study what you need—and skip what you don’t, saving up to 400 hours!

Printed Textbooks

Premier Pass includes high-quality bound textbooks for each section of the exam. Unlike competitors, Surgent updates textbooks quarterly, so they’re always fully aligned with CPA Exam blueprint categories. They feature multiple-choice questions, simulations, and explanations at the end of each category.

Spiral-Bound Flashcards

Premier Pass includes a complete set of spiral-bound flashcards for all four exam sections, including over 1000 terms and definitions. Updated quarterly, so you’ll get the most up-to-date information when you order.


Premier Pass Includes

Essential & Premier Pass Features

  • Full 4-part review course, 100% aligned with AICPA blueprints
  • Award-winning adaptive learning technology (+option to switch to linear course)
  • Access that never expires (+free automatic content updates)
  • 7,700 MCQs, 400+ simulations, 350+ nano-sized video lectures
  • E-books & lecture study notes for all 4 exam sections
  • Customized study plans that adapt to you, saving up to 400 hours of study time

Additional Premier Pass Features

  • Printed textbooks for all 4 exam sections
  • Printed flashcards for all 4 exam sections
  • 1-on-1 virtual coaching from a CPA Exam expert

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