Ultimate Pass - Upgrade (Premier)



  • Online, mobile-friendly course for all 4 sections
  • Full access until you pass
  • Free, automatic content updates
  • Personalized study plans that continually adapt to you
  • 350+ short, targeted video lectures
  • Customized study notes for each lecture
  • 6,000+ multiple-choice questions
  • Nearly 400 task-based simulations
  • Document Review Sims
  • Flashcard app for iOS and Android
  • Printed textbooks for all 4 exam sections ($500 value)
  • Printed flashcards for all 4 exam sections ($200 value)
  • 3 30-minute sessions with a CPA Exam Success Coach ($300 value)
  • 4 Hours of virtual tutoring from an Accounting Professor ($800 value)New!
  • Access to Surgent’s Critical Skills Certificate: Excel for Accounting and Finance Professionals ($149 value)New!


Ultimate Pass – Upgrade (Premier)


All thanks to Surgent, I passed all sections in less than 8 months while also working full time in tax. I’m so, so happy with my results using this software and I will definitely be recommending it to anyone I know that is struggling with this exam! I’m
confident anyone can pass using this program if they put in the time!
– Carrie D.
I failed two times before using Becker; I passed with Surgent.
– Vita P.
When I was getting close to my test date for BEC, I reached out to the Surgent team for some guidance and received essentially a personal accountability coach who helped me get on a plan, and gave me almost daily feedback and accountability on my progress.
Outstanding service!
– Daniel C.
  • 50% Less Studying, 2x Better Pass Rate: Our A.S.A.P. Technology™ identifies your unique needs, then customizes study plans that focus you on those gaps. That’s why our pass rate is nearly 2x better than the national average, while
    average study times are half as much.
  • One-on-One Student Support: Students receive dedicted support from CPA Exam Success Coaches, who help with everything from study strategies and test-taking tips, as well as virtual tutoring from Accounting Professors to ensure material is mastered.
  • Excel® for Accounting and Finance Professionals: Since its incorporation as a tool in the CPA Exam, students with Excel® knowledge have a leg up on those without. Students will walk away from this course with a better understanding of how to use Excel to their advantage during the CPA Exam, as well as a skillset that will set them apart from other job candidates or colleagues.
  • 100% Aligned to the AICPA CPA Exam: Unlike other courses that record videos and publish textbooks just once per year, we update our online content as frequently as weekly.
  • Complete Access (And Support) Until You Pass: We understand that life can get in the way of study plans. That’s why we provide full access—along with personalized coaching and automatic course updates—until you pass.