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The fastest way to CPA

No two students are alike. Your study plans shouldn’t be either. Our personalized CPA review course identifies what you need to study so you can focus on what matters - learning what you need to know to pass the exam.

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Not just a game-changer... a life-changer

When you study for the CPA exam, you are more than a student. You have a life to live, one that includes time with friends, family responsibilities, and a job. We get that, and it’s part of what makes our approach so special. Surgent students pass at a higher rate—and study less. Sound too good to be true? It’s not. Here’s how we stack up.

92% pass rate

(National CPA Exam pass rates average just over 50%)

4x faster

pass rate than competitors

89 study hours

to pass on average (compared to 150 hours with other courses)

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A customized study plan that evolves as you do.

Our A.S.A.P.® Technology measures your strengths and weaknesses to create a you-centered study plan. The result? You’ll be exam-ready up to 4x faster than other review courses.

  • Superior study materials
  • Expert instructors who make complex concepts simpler
  • Continually updated course material
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Time is precious. So is your future. Get the most from your minutes.

While you’re learning, the system is learning about you. The course adjusts to you, getting more difficult as your knowledge increases, so you can move to the finish line, faster.

  • Adaptive learning to focus you where you need help
  • Short videos and mobile flash cards
  • Average just 89 hours total for all four parts
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There’s no reward for studying the most. Only for passing the exam. We’re here to help you study smarter.

While you study, your ReadySCORE™ adjusts and predicts your success, with 98% accuracy. When you’re ready, you’ll know (and it will happen sooner than with any other competitor).

  • Instructor support when you need it
  • 1:1 virtual coaching with Ultimate and Premier Passes
  • Access until you pass

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When other courses fail to deliver, students turn here.

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Built by experts

Our technical team creates a seamless learning experience. Our industry experts craft courses with the most up-to-date content to help candidates pass.

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Powered by experts

Our highly qualified instructors lead you through coursework. Our learning coaches serve as your personal trainer as you get ready for exam day.

Three ways to pass

What you need to go from CPA candidate to CPA.

Most Popular

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Essentials and Premier, plus 1,000 MCQs, Excel certificate course, and top support.

$2999 $1999

As low as $271/mo with Affirm logo

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Essentials, plus 1:1 support and printed study materials.

$2399 $1599

As low as $217/mo with Affirm logo

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Your course basics, including Surgent’s award-winning A.S.A.P.® Technology

$1599 $999

As low as $145/mo with Affirm logo


Inside the Surgent experience

Students, graduates, and learning and development professionals share their stories.

"It's a great CPA Review course. As I study the material, the system keeps my score and tells me my progress towards the CPA Exam. I would highly recommend to all CPA candidates.”

Hiromune T. | Student

"This program was the key to my success in passing all 4 parts of the exam. The high energy lectures were clear, precise, and addressed every topic on the actual exams. I would have never passed the exam if it wasn’t for the incredible instructors.”

Martina F. | Deloitte

"Glad I went with the Ultimate Pass because the tutor has been instrumental on developing a study strategy and a path through the exam.”

Brian S. | Student

“I struggled over three years to pass the exam. Surgent CPA Review was definitely a huge key to my success. I was able to pass all four sections in a row. I studied with three other review courses and can say with confidence this one is the best.”

Lauren F. | Ernst & Young

“Easy to use, printed material arrived quickly after placing my order. Once you take an exam, it tailors your review course based on how you did. Granted I have only been through the FAR section, but so far so good!”

Stephen R. | Student

“Surgent CPA’s course is the only one that offers CPA candidates with a ReadySCORE that indicates when someone is ready to sit for the exam. Plus, it’s the only course I’ve seen that demonstrates the ability to reduce a candidate’s overall study hours.”


“This is an excellent source to prepare for the CPA in the most effective and modern way. Its well planned and well-organized course structure is easy to follow and grasp the contents faster.”

Srinivasan L. | Student

“After doing much research, I was left between Surgent's Ultimate Pass and Becker. After speaking with career counselors, mentors, and CPAs, I realized that I liked the AI guided approach from Surgent better.”

Trevor L. | Student

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