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See the Surgent difference! For a deeper look at how our course technology compares to other technology, view our Technology Comparison Grid. Want to know the truth behind what competitors are offering? Check out our in-depth analysis of CPA Review Competitor Hidden Truths.

Here’s a breakdown of Surgent vs. each leading CPA Review course provider:

Becker CPA versus Surgent – Best CPA Review Course – Comparison Overview

Roger CPA versus Surgent – Best CPA Review Course – Comparison Overview

Wiley CPA versus Surgent – Best CPA Review Course – Comparison Overview

Gleim CPA versus Surgent – Best CPA Review Course – Comparison Overview


Here’s a quick overview of Surgent vs. all leading CPA Review course providers:

Course Features Surgent CPA Review Other Leading Providers*
All-Inclusive Pricing All parts of the course and all materials included No
Unlimited Practice Exams Yes No
Student-friendly Payment Options 8- month payment plan (immediate approval), no credit application, 0% finance charges & no initiation fees No (published interest rates for some providers are up to 30%)
Complete Access Until You Pass No strings attached access until you pass, includes updated course materials at no additional charge. Varies by provider
Money-Back Guarantee If you’re not satisfied with our course, we’ll provide a full refund (see terms & conditions) No
50% Discount for Anyone Who Failed With Another Provider Yes No
Adaptive Learning Technology Proven to Save 50+ Hours per Part Yes Some providers claim to offer adaptive learning, but the technology (and results) are not the same
Short, Frequently-Updated Video Lectures 350 + bite-sized video lectures (10-20 min. long), updated quarterly to reflect the most recent changes. No
Task-Based Simulations Yes – including the new DRS format Yes
Includes AICPA recently released questions Yes – 6,840+ Yes
Flashcards Yes – free mobile app with 2200+ CPA Exam terms & definitions. Available free for iOS & Android devices. Yes, but not free. Prices range from $99 – $179.
Adaptive Study Planner Yes – adapts to your performance: calculates study hours based on your test data & study performance. No
Dedicated Instructor Support Yes, included at no charge. Available for a fee from select providers. Not available for others.
Average Study hours per Exam Part 95 hours** Over 200 hours***
Interactive Dashboard with Personalized Exam Readiness Indicator Provides updated visual snapshot of exam readiness by exam category No
Personalized Onboarding Support Yes No
Mobile Compatible Yes Yes
Free Updates Yes – until you pass Only before expiration for most providers
Customer Service Live chat, email, and phone support with dedicated accounting coaches. Varies by provider
**This comparison includes publicly available information about Becker, Roger, and Wiley CPAexcel courses.
***Based on actual observed study time for Surgent CPA Review; For other leading providers, average study time was estimated based on each provider’s recommended study plan

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