Why Studying Less Will Actually Drive Better Results

Surgent CPA Review helps students take a very different approach to exam preparation, enabling you to focus your limited available study hours on the specific areas where you need the most help. How much of a difference does this really make? Let’s take a look.

Other CPA Review courses on the market suggest that you follow what you might call a “linear study plan,” which basically means that they recommend studying all of their available materials in the order in which they laid them out. This would entail:

–Watching all video lectures one time

–Reading all textbooks at least one time (we estimate that most students can read about 10 pages per hour)

–Attempting all multiple choice questions about 1.5 times each (we conservatively estimate that most students would spend about two minutes to both answer a question and read the explanation and we estimate that students would, on average, work each question about 1.5 times)

–Working each simulation problem at least one time (which we estimate would average at least 15 minutes per problem).

Given our very conservative estimates above, we summed up the time it would take an average student to study a single section of the CPA Exam when following the linear study plan recommended by each of these CPA Review Courses. The results are staggering:

Wiley CPA Excel: 279.8 hours
Becker: 208.5 hours
Roger: 162.2 hours
Yaeger: 181.6 hours


Why the Surgent Approach Works—Though You’ll Study Less

Because of our unique, powerful, adaptive learning engine, Surgent doesn’t make you study in that same conventional, linear way. Our program starts you off with multiple choice questions first, then—once you’ve answered about 30% of the questions in a section—our program automatically selects which questions you should study next, while also mapping your initial scoring to the EXACT videos and areas of the books you should review next. It’s far more targeted. It’s more effective. And, it means you’ll spend significantly less time studying.

To confirm that this approach really works, we collected scores from our students using a third party survey platform, and made the following two discoveries:

1.  Students who achieved a ReadySCORE of 75 or more across all exam content areas achieved 88% pass rates.
2.  Students increase their ReadySCORE, on average, from 43% to 84% while studying with Surgent!

Not only does our approach save students hours and hours of unnecessary study time, but it also helps them pass all four parts easily within the required 18 month window — which, according to the AICPA, is happening at a dramatically lower rate now than it did just a few years ago. More and more students are finding that parts they’ve passed are expiring before they can get through all the studying required to pass the other parts. It’s an incredibly frustrating and expensive problem that we can help you avoid!

Join the thousands of other students who are passing the CPA Exam faster – by studying less!