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Best CPA Exam Review Course for Today's Student. Updated for the 2018 Exam.

CPA Exam Pass Rate Surgent CPA Review Exam Prep Approach

5 Ways Surgent CPA Exam Review Course is different:

50% Less Studying
Our unique A.S.A.P. Technology™ continually updates
your study plan as you work in the course. With Surgent CPA Exam Review, you’ll
study what you need to learn & skip what you already know!
100% Tailored to You
Other “adaptive” CPA Exam Review courses have simplistic quizzes but no real personalization.
Our in-depth assessments and continually adaptive technology provide daily
study plans based on your unique and changing needs.
< 20 Minute Videos
Other CPA Exam review course videos are 2+ hours each. Who has time for that?
Especially when you only need to learn one specific topic.
That’s why we keep ours focused and short (just 5-20 minutes).
5-Star Instructors
Our instructors don’t read from scripts, tell you what to highlight in a
textbook, or confuse you with whiteboard scribbling. Instead, we actually
teach you how to solve the problems you’ll see on the exam.
100% Confidence You're Ready
Unlike other courses, our practice exam is weighted and scored like the real
CPA Exam, so when you hit your target trending score in our course, you’ll
know you’re ready! That’s a big reason our pass rate is almost 2x better!

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How to Pass CPA Exam in 6 Months

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Surgent CPA Review Testimonial Quotation
  • This program was the key to my success in passing all 4 parts of the exam. The high energy lectures were clear, precise, and addressed every topic on the actual exams. I would have never passed the exam if it wasn’t for the incredible instructors.

    Martina F @ Deloitte

    Surgent CPA Review Testimonial Quotation
  • I struggled over three years to pass the exam. Surgent CPA Review was definitely a huge key to my success. I was able to pass all four sections in a row. I studied with three other review courses and can say with confidence this one is the best.

    Lauren F @ Ernst & Young

    Surgent CPA Review Testimonial Quotation
  • The Surgent CPA Review lectures cover tons of information and give you a great idea on which areas to really focus in on. The adaptive learning question software made a huge difference in preparation. I scored an 85 on BEC my first time!

    Dan R @ St. Clair CPAs

    Surgent CPA Review Testimonial Quotation

Becker, Wiley and Gleim...Are Their Courses Truly Adaptive? Download Our Technology Comparison Grid.

Adaptive technology enables students to study smarter and pass the CPA Exam faster with a hyper-personalized study experience. Many CPA Review courses are marketed as adaptive, but are they really? Find out.

Surgent Ranked #1 CPA Review Course by Crush the CPA Exam

Surgent CPA Review was recently named the #1 course for 2017 by Crush the CPA Exam, the industry’s leading review site. Read more from Bryce Welker, CEO of Crush the CPA Exam, on why Surgent was awarded this honor.

Trying to pick a CPA Exam Review course? Be sure you know all our "hidden truths".

When you’re ready to sit for the CPA Exam, choose your CPA Review course carefully. Don’t get caught off guard and end up paying more, spending more time studying, or having to take the exam again because you didn’t receive the support you needed. Know before you decide. Read our in-depth analysis of the hidden truths behind common claims by CPA Review course providers.