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Passing The CPA Exam is Tough

More content is added to the exam each year, national pass rates hover under 50%, and an increasingly high number of candidates are struggling to pass all four exam sections the 18-month window.

To make matters worse, other courses are selling an ineffective learning model that hasn’t changed in decades. Some throw around the term “adaptive” in their marketing material, but one look at their courses proves it’s just talk. You’re still forced to watch every video, read all material, and answer every question…and then guess if you’re actually ready to sit or not. Surgent CPA Review co-founder Liz Kolar set out to create a new kind of CPA Exam prep course.

By combining her 25+ years of CPA Review teaching experience with state-of-the-art technology, the winning result is Surgent’s award-winning course, fueled by proprietary adaptive learning software called A.S.A.P. Technology™.

A.S.A.P. Technology™: A revolutionary approach to CPA Review

You start by completing a specially selected cross-section of Multiple-Choice Questions (MCQs). Your answers enable the software’s algorithm to gauge your knowledge across all CPA Exam content areas, which, in turn, is used to generate a hyper-personalized study program.

That’s when you move into the Study Phase, where you’ll get “Daily Surge” cards with  recommended study material, paired to your specific knowledge gaps. Because each student learns differently, we let you choose which type of study material you’d like to review, including tailored suggestions within our:

Bite-Sized Video Lectures

Led by a team of expert instructors, and accompanied with helpful study notes, most Surgent videos last just 10 to 20 minutes, and each one focuses on a specific, digestible topic. Videos double as an excellent option for students who prefer an audio course, as these can easily be streamed on-the-go with headphones or through a car stereo.

Reading Material

Like our video lectures, Surgent reading material is also broken out into specific topics, so you can study exactly what you need to learn without wasting time covering areas you already know.

Multiple-Choice Questions

Since the exam focuses so heavily on MCQs, we know it's critical for you to master them during your exam prep. And to make our MCQs more beneficial, we include high-quality reference materials directly in our course that help you learn, while also getting more comfortable with the MCQ format. This includes explanations, video links, relevant terms, references, and authoritative texts-- to teach you exactly what you need to know to master that concept.

MCQ performance informs the software’s real-time algorithm, which ensures that your study plan continues to adapt as you master content through your studies.


Our course will automatically add simulations to your study program when the software determines that you’ve mastered enough MCQs. Our course prepares you for all types of simulations, including written communication simulations and task-based simulations, like research simulations and document review simulations. All of our sims include extensive explanations, plus a more intuitive number entry, which was designed to fully match the new CPA Exam user experience.

Understand your CPA Exam Readiness – At Every Stage of Your Studies

Rest assured that with Surgent, you won’t be blindly studying hours and hours of videos, wondering how ready you actually are. Instead, you’ll get real-time feedback with ReadySCORE™ - an accurate measure of your current exam readiness.

On your Surgent dashboard, you’ll be able to see your ReadySCORE by question type --multiple-choice question and sims—as well as by content area and topic. Once you complete the Study Phase with simulations, you also see a cumulative ReadySCORE for MCQs and Sims, which indicates what you’d score on the CPA Exam if you took it today.

Linear or Adaptive Learning? Take Your Pick!

Students have had great success with our adaptive model, but we realize that not everyone prefers that learning style. We make it easy for those who prefer a more traditional, linear approach to navigate through the course outline and create their own study sessions comprised of MCQs, reading material, video lectures, and sims.

We also have students who successfully use a combination of both linear and adaptive learning, starting with the adaptive approach to identify where they need to focus, and then switching to the linear learning style, watching as many videos and reading as much material as they’d like to on a particular topic.

Not sure which model is best for you? Our success coaches are a great resource! And 1-on-1 sessions are included at no charge with our Premier Pass and Ultimate Pass courses.

The Proof is in the Pass Rates

The bottom line is that Surgent students pass the CPA Exam at a rate much higher than the national average, while actually studying less.

  • Thanks to the sophisticated technology at the heart of our course, we’re able to track how students progress through it and improve in a way that no other course can. That’s how we know that students using our course dramatically improve their CPA Exam readiness.
  • In fact, students using Surgent CPA Review reach an average ReadySCORE of 82 once they enter the Review Phase of the software. That’s an improvement of 97% from the time they complete their Assessment to the time they reach the Review Phase!
  • Just how accurate is the ReadySCORE at predicting CPA Exam success? Very! In fact, students who achieve a 75 ReadySCORE pass the exam 88% of the time!

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