ASAP Technology: Why Surgent’s Adaptive Learning Platform is Revolutionary

ASAP Technology is Entirely Different Than What Other Courses Call Adaptive: See How in this Short Video!


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Adaptive Study, Accelerated Performance (A.S.A.P.) – Why such a big deal?

  • New content fully aligned with the 2018 CPA Exam changes, including 6,000+ MCQs & nearly 400 task-based simulations
  • Hyper-personalized, adaptive study plans that do an even better job focusing you on specific content categories
  • Daily Surge™ cards will automatically display on your dashboard, providing customized daily study suggestions to maximize efficiency
  • More nano-sized video lectures — now with video closed captioning
  • Improved integration between study content and reference texts
  • New assessment quizzes and improved progress reports
  • Redesigned, more intuitive dashboard

Four phases that help you study smarter and pass the CPA Exam faster than the competition.

  • Assessment Phase: Assessment quizzes will gauge your knowledge so our system can start building a plan to optimize your study time.
  • Study Phase: Surgent A.S.A.P. Technology™ will tailor your study plan to focus you on the  practice questions and topic areas you need to concentrate on. The result? Maximum effectiveness, minimized study times.
  • Study & Simulation Phase: When our system determines that you’ve mastered the practice questions, it will automatically add simulation questions to your study plan.
  • Practice Phase: As your test date nears, our system will focus you on practice exams to ensure you’re fully ready to pass the CPA Exam. It will even notify you when you’re ready to sit!


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We know you’ll love our new A.S.A.P. Technology™…because people like you helped us design and test it!

…user-friendly layout that is easy for students to navigate

“This latest release [of Surgent CPA Review] has a user-friendly layout that is easy for students to navigate. The feature that convinced me to use Surgent is the adaptive learning technology. Personalized study plans are created for each student based on a knowledge assessment. The concept of students studying what they don’t know rather than studying everything makes perfect sense.”
– Chris Lyon, CPA, Senior Lecturer of Accounting at Fort Lewis College

…new 2018 CPA review course is amazing

“Surgent CPA Review’s new CPA review course is amazing. The video lectures that Surgent provides are short, clear, and understandable. Whether you want to study a specific portion of a section or want to take a section practice exam, Surgent allows you to be the boss when it comes to how you study. The Surgent method is a method that any potential CPA should consider using when it comes to studying for the CPA exam.”
– Matthew Earle, CPA candidate  

Why A.S.A.P. is Revolutionary: Watch a Short Video from Surgent CPA Review founder Liz Kolar


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