5 common myths about the CPA Exam

By Jack Castonguay

If you’re preparing for the CPA Exam, you already know that you need to devote considerable study hours to pass the exam. You might have heard stories from friends or colleagues about how difficult certain parts of the exam are, or perhaps you’re concerned about the changes coming to the CPA Exam as part of […]

CPA Exam after graduation

You finally graduated from college, so you deserve time for the beach, kayaking or working that summer ice cream-parlor job you’ve had since high school. But let’s put the brakes on taking off one last summer before adulting. Now is the ideal time to take and pass all four sections of the CPA Exam. After […]

failed cpa exam

Becoming a certified public accountant (CPA) is a time-consuming but worthwhile endeavor. For many accounting students and new accounting professionals, passing the exam and getting a CPA license is the ultimate goal. Becoming a CPA can lead to job security, a higher salary and advancement opportunities.  A CPA license is the industry standard for ensuring […]

Tips to succeed as first-year accountant

By Jack Castonguay

In the transition from college degree to first job in accounting, the stakes are high – and the rewards are even higher. You’re launching a rewarding career offering good pay and a multitude of advancement opportunities.   For first-year accountants, there will be long days during busy season, but this also is an incredible learning experience. […]

4 internship tips to lead to success

By Jack Castonguay

Internships are an exciting, engaging, and structured way to start your career journey while still in school. They introduce you to career options, allow you to find your fit, and build your resume without having to make a full-time commitment at the start. To help you navigate your internship experience we have put together four […]

Guide for the Recent CPA Grad

After several years of college and numerous years of school before that, you’re finally ready to dip your toes (or jump headfirst) into the real world. As a recent accounting graduate, you likely have a few preconceived ideas of what your life is going to look like once you start your first job. Let’s talk […]

We know how uncertain of a time it currently is, with COVID-19 impacting not only your day-to-day life but your family and the market too – it’s pretty scary. But that’s not to say that your life (or career ambitions) should be put on hold, in fact, they’re more important now than ever. That’s why […]

Top Tips For Virtual Meetings and Interviews

Everybody knows that the face of accounting (and every other industry) has changed with current events. From Zoom conferences to solely digital internships, virtual meetings are taking over, and as that happens – the way you approach them must change, too. It’s no surprise that a virtual internship, or a virtual meeting, can feel a […]

How to study for your CPA Exam while working remote

By Megan Bierwirth

The coronavirus has truly changed the way we go about our everyday lives. Things we never thought about before, like going to the grocery store, going to the gym, and going to work are being changed and restricted at a rapid pace. Many of us are now telecommuting (or working from home) as many businesses, […]

Why you should become a Student Ambassador with Surgent

By Dorothy Griffin

Student Ambassadors

So, you’re working through your accounting degree and are looking for a real world way to build your network with like-minded people all while building your resume and experience? Sounds like a tough need to meet but more often than not, a Student Ambassador role with a course provider can offer all of those things […]