CPA Exam Strategies

We customize your study plans to your needs.

As a Surgent CPA Review student, you will log in to your own user-friendly dashboard, which will steer you through your customized study guide, designed based on your specific strengths and weaknesses. It will link directly to the specific video lectures pertinent to your current focus area, for your study session. Our integrated Study Planner helps you determine how many hours you need to devote to your preparation based on when your exam date is. Simply enter the date of your exam, choose what days of the week you plan to study, and the software will calculate the recommended time to study per session. Our CPA exam strategies software will assess your progress as you go, helping you identify exactly when you’re ready to sit for the CPA Exam so you can confidently go into your test day and pass on your first try. Do you need the flexibility to study on the go? Our lectures and software are mobile friendly — compatible with iPads, tablets, Android devices, and more. The time of cramming is over.

We know studying for the Uniform CPA examination can be hard work. That’s why our instructors are on standby to answer any questions you have throughout your course via phone or email.

When Should I Take The Exam?

  • As close to graduation as possible so you can lean on the study methods and accountancy skills you learned while in school. Not to worry if you have been out of school for a while though, your experience in a business environment will always help – our study materials will customize your preparation based on your strengths and weaknesses to help you pass the CPA Exam. Plus, full time workers need not worry, because we work with CPA candidates to learn what they need to and not waste time on what they already know.
  • Once you feel confident, and have completed your study with your CPA Review course – ideally this test prep should cater to your personal learning style.
  • Study Sequence and Recommended Hours:

How Should I Plan My Study Schedule?

  • Reasonably assess how many hours a day you can dedicate to studying on your review course.
  • Recommended study time per testlet/CPA section is 15 to 20 hours per week, studying as consistently as possible.
  • Plan to take a day off from your CPA study so you don’t burn yourself out.


How Do I Apply For The Exam?

  • See the Jurisdiction Requirements under “CPA Exam Resources” to find out what you need to take the exam in your state.
  • Once you apply and have been approved, you will receive your Notice to Schedule (NTS). You will need this to book your exam appointment.
  • Visit the Prometric Testing Center website at to schedule your exam using your section ID.
  • You can choose a location most convenient for you by using Prometric’s location tool while you are scheduling.


What to Expect on Exam Day

​If this is your first time sitting for the CPA Exam, then you might be nervous about what you can expect. But we have your back:

  • Prometric Testing Center
    • Plan to arrive at least 15 mins prior to your exam time. If you arrive after your exam time, you may be asked to leave and you will forfeit all exam fees.
    • Bring a valid photo ID. The best options are your passport or driver’s license.
    • MAKE SURE TO BRING YOUR NTS. You cannot sit for your exam without it.
    • It is suggested you LEAVE YOUR PHONE AT HOME OR IN THE CAR. Prometric has a zero-tolerance policy regarding phone usage. If caught with your phone, you may be asked to leave and will be reported to NASBA.
    • Be prepared to be finger printed to confirm your identity and scanned with a metal detector.
    • The testing center will provide all candidates with a dry erase marker and board to serve as scrap paper.
  • Welcome screen – 5minutes to verify name, photo and exam section
  • Policy statement – 5 minutes to agree to policy statement and confidentiality screens
  • Exam Instructions – 5 minutes to read, but we recommend you read them before hand by going to the AICPA website.
  • Each exam section is 4 hours long. Make sure to monitor your clock at the top of your screen to be sure you allocate enough time to your multiple-choice questions and simulations.


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