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Tips from the Top CPA Exam Review Course

A new version of the CPA exam was implemented on April 1, 2017, and top CPA exam review courses are well-prepared to offer the information and advice you need to be successful. These tips are just a few of the lessons learned from those who have completed sections of the revised exam.

Introductory Screens

After entering the launch code for your exam, you have five minutes to complete all three screens. This is a change from previous versions, which permitted you 10 minutes. Many students use this time for note-taking. However, it is unwise to delay, considering the consequences of exceeding the five-minute window. If you do not complete all three introductory screens, your exam will time out, and you cannot relaunch the section. That means going through the entire application process again.

Issues with Testing

Most students are able to complete their exams without technical problems. However, occasional system issues do occur. If this happens to you, it is critical to alert the NASBA’s Candidate Care Department at within five business days. Some test-takers leave a note in the comments section or notify their testing center, but neither of these options is sufficient to ensure a complete investigation..

Test Center Logistics

Sometimes, it is more difficult to manage all the logistics necessary to sit for the exam than it is to actually take the test. These are a few of the most common issues that could prevent you from being allowed into the testing center:

  • Rescheduling: When you reschedule your test center appointment online, it is easy to miss the final confirmation step. If you are rescheduling, make sure you see a confirmation page and carefully read the automatic reschedule confirmation email.
  • Notice to Schedule (NTS): You must bring your NTS to the testing center in order to sit for the exam. Unfortunately, it is far too easy to take the wrong one — for example, the NTS for a section you are retaking or an NTS for an entirely separate section. Double-check that you have the correct document before you leave your house.
  • Arriving On Time: Testing centers report that it is not uncommon for students to arrive late for their scheduled appointments. Remember that the testing center does not have to admit you if you are late, so double-check the location and drive time before you go.

Top CPA exam courses like those offered by Surgent give you an opportunity to prepare for your test. You can also count on more tips like these to ensure you complete your exam as scheduled.

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