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Why you should become a Student Ambassador with Surgent

By Dorothy Griffin

Student Ambassadors

So, you’re working through your accounting degree and are looking for a real world way to build your network with like-minded people all while building your resume and experience? Sounds like a tough need to meet but more often than not, a Student Ambassador role with a course provider can offer all of those things […]

Ryan Hirsch, Director of Market Development for Universities at Surgent, gives his top networking tips at University of Central Florida’s Meet the Firms event. If you’re trying to get an internship or a full-time job and you’re attending Meet the Firms events, Ryan suggests that you come prepared. Research the companies who will be attending […]

Congratulations! You’re a new graduate! You’ve made it through four years of rigorous study hours and assignments that made you question your sanity. Now you’re part of the “real world,” so you can put all the knowledge and skills you have obtained to good use. But, your knowledge will only take you so far; you’re […]

Career advice for college students: What to do after accepting a job offer

By Elizabeth Kolar, MBA, CPA, CGMA


Whether you endured a grueling and extensive job search or were lucky enough to experience a smooth and relatively easy hiring process, there are few things more exciting than receiving that phone call or offer letter from your new employer, and graduating with a job offer in hand. But there are a few things you […]

Networking tips for students who want to become a CPA

By Carolyn Rivera

Building an established network is a sure way to jumpstart your professional career. Networking can help students and professionals get to know what job opportunities are currently available, possible future career paths, and the requirements for different positions within a company. Besides the aspirational career aspects, networking is also an opportunity to have intellectual discussions, […]

Apart from being the premier collegiate organization for finance and accounting students, Beta Alpha Psi is a great way to open doors and create opportunities for your career. Employers know Beta Alpha Psi members have taken the extra step to become career professionals and explore the industry. Below, we’ll discuss six reasons joining Beta Alpha […]

Getting good grades and having a solid career trajectory are both important to your career as an accountant, but equally important is networking with those already in the field. Networking allows you to connect with both firms and potential mentors which can help launch your career or improve it in the future.   Surgent’s Success […]