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Surgent CPA Review Partnership Program Overview:

  • Surgent CPA Review helps colleges and universities better prepare their students for the CPA Exam
  • 100% online course utilizes a proprietary adaptive-learning algorithm to focus students on areas of weakness, shortening study time and improving retention
  • Includes access to 350+ lectures, test bank, and more than 7,700+ multiple choice questions, over 400 simulations, textbooks, customized study guides, practice exams, and a personalized study planner.

Two Ways to Offer Our Program to Your Students:

  • Embed the Surgent CPA Review program into your curriculum (with this option, students will pay $50 per part/per semester for course access)
  • Offer Surgent CPA Review for academic credit (our team will work with you to develop a custom-tailored program that fits the needs of your institution)

Advantages for Participating Professors:

  • Professors that embed Surgent CPA Review into their curriculum will receive no-charge access to a Professor Partner CPE Package from Surgent Professional Education (a $749 value).
  • All full-time accounting faculty at schools that offer Surgent CPA Review for academic credit will be eligible for no-charge Professor Partner CPE Packages (a $749 value per year, per faculty member).
  • All full-time accounting faculty at schools that include Surgent CPA Review as a recommended course on the institution’s website will have access to Professor Partner CPE Packages for $199/person/year (a $749 value per year, per faculty member).

Learn more about our University Partnership Programs by calling 800-778-7436 ext. 402, or emailing

See what some of our College/University partners are doing with Surgent CPA Review:

Surgent CPA Review has partnered with Duquesne University

Professors at Duquesne University have selected the Surgent CPA Review auditing course as a supplement to the existing Auditing curriculum.  Students enrolled in the auditing classes at Duquesne have complete access to the auditing coursework within the Surgent CPA Review course.  Professors are able to assign homework and exams through the course and receive reports on student performance.

For more information about how Duquesne University is utilizing the Surgent CPA Review course within their course curriculum, please contact Professor Valerie Williams – or 412-396-5700 or Professor Robert Kollar – or 412-396-4906.

For more information about this program, contact us at 800-778-7438, or send us an email at

Cabrini University Masters of Accounting Logo


Surgent CPA Review will be offering instruction to Cabrini University’s Master of Accounting (MAcc) students while they are completing their graduate coursework.

Cabrini University’s Master of Accounting (MAcc) program is offered fully online and is designed to meet the needs of recent accounting graduates, career-changers, and working professionals who wish to further develop their accounting expertise and increase their career opportunities. Cabrini University has been recognized with a trifeca of awards, among the lowest tuition in the area for MAcc degrees.

Taught by CPA’s, students can earn a graduate degree in accounting in as little as 12 months (full-time) and 15 months (as a part-time student).

The program satisfies the requirement of 150 credit hours needed for Pennsylvania’s—and most other states’—board of accountancy to be licensed as a certified public accountant (CPA).

“Ideally, Cabrini MAcc students complete a class or two and take one section of the CPA for optimal results.” – Cabrini University

Cabrini University undergraduates, alumni and staff also have premier access to our program at a special tuition rate.

For more information about this program, contact us at 800-778-7438, or send us an email at

For more information about Cabrini University’s Master of Accounting (MAcc) program, contact:

Surgent CPA Review has partnered with Neumann University to offer instructional content to students in the Master of Science in Accounting program.

“The Master of Science in Accounting with an emphasis on Forensics and Fraud Detection will help enhance your career by building a broader base of knowledge in the area of fraud and forensic accounting than a general Master of Science in Accounting. The degree is designed to help students apply techniques in identifying, collecting, and examining evidence, including how to identify financial statement misrepresentation, transaction reconstruction, tax evasion and cybercrime. The 30-credit master’s degree will provide the additional academic credit needed to meet the 150 academic credit hours required to pursue the CPA designation. The degree can be completed in 18 months and is delivered in a combination of in-class and hybrid offerings.”

For more information about Neumann University’s Master of Science in Accounting program, contact the Office of Adult and Graduate Admissions at (610) 361-5208 or (800) 9-NEUMANN, ext. 5208, or feel free to e-mail us at” – Neumann University

Surgent CPA Review has partnered with Washington & Jefferson College to provide instructional content and support for their Certificate in Professional Accounting.

“The Certificate in Professional Accounting is designed to assist students in preparing for the CPA exam, developing analytical thinking skills and developing professional communication skills, both oral and written.

The program is open to students who have an undergraduate degree with a major in accounting. Credits earned through this course of study (up to 16 semester hours) may be used by students to help satisfy the 150-hour education requirement necessary to obtain a license as a certified public accountant (CPA).” – Washington & Jefferson College

For more information about Washington & Jefferson College’s Certificate in Professional Accounting, contact Professor Steve Kuhn, Program Director, at

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