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Prepare your students for CPA Exam success. Surgent makes it easy.

Surgent CPA Review helps colleges and universities better prepare their students for the CPA Exam, prepping them to achieve pass rates far above the national average while studying just 58 hours per exam section, on average.

From undergraduate to Master of Accounting (MAcc) students, professors can help accounting students gain a competitive edge on the accounting world ahead of graduation by adding CPA Exam Review to their curriculum.

Here’s how Surgent takes the stress out of studying

  • UniversityPASS – our innovative curriculum solutions tool that’s built to equip accounting students with the tools they need to pass the CPA Exam, while making the task easier for professors

  • Adding CPA Review to your curriculum – whether through a custom course plan designed with your class in mind, or embedding our tried-and-tested course into your curriculum, this will get your students ready in fewer study hours than other courses

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What makes Surgent different?

Surgent is the only course on the market with adaptive learning technology that specializes to each student. A.S.A.P. Technology, Surgent’s proprietary adaptive learning software, includes three phases: Assessment, Study, and Review.

In the Assessment phase, candidates answer 350 questions for each exam section using their current knowledge. The Assessment phase concludes by presenting candidates with a thorough diagnostic report and a ReadySCORE, our exam-readiness metric that estimates what a candidate would score if they were to sit for the CPA Exam at that moment.

From there, candidates enter the Study phase. A.S.A.P. Technology serves candidates study content based on what they need to learn to become exam-ready. Surgent courses include a variety of content, like bite-sized lecture videos, textbook readings, multiple-choice questions, and simulation questions. Our latest enhancement, MyMCQ, takes personalization a step further by serving candidates multiple-choice questions at an appropriate difficulty level, based on their knowledge of that specific topic.

Once candidates reach a yellow ReadySCORE, they reach the Study + Simulation phase, filled with custom content focused on the user’s knowledge. In this phase, a comprehensive ReadySCORE is provided.

In the final phase – the Practice phase – each feature of Surgent’s A.S.A.P. Technology works to help candidates pass the CPA Exam in as little time as possible by reinforcing existing knowledge.

A Curriculum Solutions Tool That Helps Students And Professors

UniversityPASS is an award-winning curriculum solutions tool from Surgent that’s built to equip accounting students with the tools they need to pass the CPA Exam — all while making professors’ jobs easier. The tool includes content such as multiple-choice questions with detailed answer explanations, links to online textbooks, on-demand video lectures, and lecture notes and slides.

Benefits for professors include:

  • Up-to-date, AICPA-aligned content for your classroom that is both incredibly comprehensive and easy for students to digest.
  • An easy way for you to:
    1. Create homework assignments with resources including Surgent video lectures, lecture slides, lecture notes, and text references.
    2. Create quizzes and exams.
    3. Monitor student progress in your gradebook.
    4. Export data for LMS integration.
  • Work off of a pre-built course template – or build your own using exam content
  • Free access for professors! In addition, Surgent CPE access (a $799 value) is available at a deeply discounted rate (or even free!) for participating institutions.

Award-winning CPA Review

We have two ways that you can offer our program to your students:

1. Embed the Surgent CPA Review program into your curriculum – with this option, students will pay $50 per part/per semester for course access.

2. Offer Surgent CPA Review for academic credit – our team will work with you to develop a custom-tailored program that fits the needs of your institution.

Plus, there are advantages for participating professors:

Eligibility for no-charge Professor Partner CPE Packages.*

All full-time accounting faculty at schools that include Surgent CPA Review as a recommended course on the institution’s website will have access to Professor Partner CPE Packages for $199/person/year.*

*valued at $749 per year, per faculty member

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