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Though the amount of content on the CPA Exam has grown significantly over the past decade, most CPA Review courses haven’t changed their approach to studying. They have simply added more material, while still recommending the same chapter-by-chapter study plan for every student. It’s no wonder that pass rates for the CPA Exam hover around 50%.

Surgent recognized that this wasn’t an efficient way to prepare candidates – especially associates who already have a solid understanding of core accounting principles. That’s why our adaptive learning innovation, A.S.A.P. Technology, is programmed to detect candidates’ knowledge gaps and provide relevant content and questions aimed at closing them.

Surgent CPA Review students achieve pass rates far above the national average while studying on average just 58 hours per exam section. Our current firm partners are seeing that the Surgent approach to exam prep gets their associates exam-ready faster than ever before, allowing for a greater work/life balance and less burnout.

Thanks to our award-winning technology, Surgent Exam Review has been able to help thousands of associates pass the: CPA, EA, CMA, CIA, and CISA exams.

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What makes Surgent different?

Surgent is the only course on the market with adaptive learning technology that specializes to each student. A.S.A.P. Technology, Surgent’s proprietary adaptive learning software, includes three phases: Assessment, Study, and Review.

In the Assessment phase, candidates answer 350 questions for each exam section using their current knowledge. The Assessment phase concludes by presenting candidates with a thorough diagnostic report and a ReadySCORE, our exam-readiness metric that estimates what a candidate would score if they were to sit for the CPA Exam at that moment.

From there, candidates enter the Study phase. A.S.A.P. Technology serves candidates study content based on what they need to learn to become exam-ready. Surgent courses include a variety of content, like bite-sized lecture videos, textbook readings, multiple-choice questions, and simulation questions. Our latest enhancement, MyMCQ, takes personalization a step further by serving candidates multiple-choice questions at an appropriate difficulty level, based on their knowledge of that specific topic. Combined, A.S.A.P. Technology and MyMCQ help candidates reach a passing ReadySCORE in, on average, just 58 hours.

Once candidates reach a passing ReadySCORE, they reach the Review phase, filled with unlimited practice exams.

Each feature of Surgent’s A.S.A.P. Technology works to help candidates pass the CPA Exam in as little time as possible:

  • ReadySCORE – accurately and clearly communicates candidates’ CPA Exam readiness
  • MyMCQ – serves candidates multiple-choice questions appropriate to their knowledge level
  • The Daily Surge – videos, quiz questions, and reading materials presented as candidates log in to the course

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