Failed the CPA Exam?

Taken a competitor’s course? Need to retake the CPA Exam?

If you find yourself in a position of having to retake the CPA Exam; you may be looking for something better than you used previously when preparing for the CPA Exam.  If you choose Surgent CPA Review, you will study LESS and pass FASTER! Though this sounds too good to be true, it’s not! Surgent CPA Review’s unique “adaptive learning” software quickly assesses candidate’s strengths, identifies unique areas of need, and then automatically creates customized study plans that focus exactly where help is needed—greatly reducing study time, while making the time spent studying more effective. By combining this unique technology with Surgent’s highly engaging content–including integrated text, questions, and video lectures—Surgent CPA Review students have been able to achieve these amazing statistics:

  • Students who followed our suggested plan achieved an 89.7% pass rate
  • Students who reached at least an 80% ReadySCORE in our program passed 100% of the time
  • Students attained these incredible pass rates while averaging less than 64 hours of study time per part

Why Study with Surgent CPA Review?

We offer a uniquely focused and streamlined approach to passing the CPA exam. Not only does it really work — but it saves students hundreds of hours. Here are just a few of the facts:

  • It’s effective: With our 89.7% pass rate, we can guarantee your success. And, unlike other providers, we provide unlimited access to our program until you pass.
  • It’s convenient: Our 100% mobile compatible program includes over 350 video lectures, most in targeted 10-20 minute sessions and all taught by top instructors in the industry.
  • It’s smart: Our unique “adaptive learning” technology assesses your knowledge and then guides your studies toward the areas where you need more help, saving you dozens–or even hundreds–of hours of study time compared to other providers.

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