Course Overview

The future of exam review is here.

Our proprietary adaptive learning technology creates a CPA review experience that’s totally customized to your study needs. We focus on what you don’t know, instead of wasting time on what you do.

The result? A product that actually gets you across the finish line, and MUCH faster than other review courses can.
We've helped students:

  • Focus on weak areas - and turn them into strengths!
  • Significantly reduce study time - save dozens, or even hundreds of hours, compared to other review courses!
  • Increase pass rates - a remarkable 88%!*

1. Assessment Phase

10 quizzes gauge your knowledge and enable the software to build a learning path tailored to you.

  • You'll answer a total of 450 questions - the magic number our algorithm needs to accurately assess your subject knowledge across all CPA exam topics.
  • Most competitors don't test, those that do ask a few questions at most. What good does that do?

2. Study Phase

Using assessment results, ongoing study session results, as well as actual CPA topic weightings, we create a hyper-personalized study plan that continuously adapts to your progress.

  • ASAP Technology is a truly adaptive software - study material continuously adjusts as you progress, focusing on improving comprehension in weaker areas.
  • The integrated Study Planner tool helps you determine exactly how many hours you'll need to devote to preparation based on your exam date, chosen study days, and mastery of material.
  • The Daily Surge dashboard provides a mix of suggested videos, quizzes and reading material for each study session. Or, use Selective Study to drill into specific topics.
  • 10-20 minute nano videos focus on specific, digestible topics.

Competitors’ linear learning approach results in over 200 hours of studying per part, which is neither effective nor efficient. By focusing only on your weak areas, you could study less than half that.

3. Review Phase

Round out your preparation by turning your focus to the final stage of studying: full practice exams.

  • Access to unlimited practice exams
  • We let you know when you're ready to sit for the test!
  • ReadySCORE indicates overall and topic-specific performance, so you can be confident that you’re ready to sit for the exam.

4. Sit - and Pass!

Go into the exam confident that you've been prepared by the most effective review software on the market!

  • Students with a ReadySCORE of at least 75% had a pass rate of 88%*
  • Students increase their ReadySCORE, on average, from 43% to 84% while studying with Surgent!*

*Results based on ReadySCORE consistent across all content groups, topics, and question types.

You'll Pass. We Guarantee It.

Read more about our Pass Guarantee here!

The Bottom Line

  • You will study less and pass faster
  • We're here to make you successful
  • There is no other product like this on the market
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See What Students Have to Say

    

"This program was the key to my success in passing all 4 parts of the exam. The high energy lectures were clear, precise, and addressed every topic on the actual exams. I would have never passed the exam if it wasn't for the incredible instructors."

Martina F @ Deloitte

    

"I struggled over three years to pass the exam. Surgent CPA Review was definitely a huge key to my success. I was able to pass all four sections in a row. I studied with three other review courses and can say with confidence this one is the best."

Lauren F @ Ernst & Young

Check out a complete list of features.

The Bottom Line

  • You will study less and pass faster
  • We're here to make you successful
  • There is no other product like this on the market
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Check out a complete list of features.