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In the CPA review game, we’ve all heard the phrase “adaptive learning technology” but what does that even mean? It’s become a buzzword thrown out by many CPA review courses, but can it even help you? The short answer? Yes, it can. Exam review courses that utilize adaptive learning software essentially avoid the standard linear […]

Top Tips For Virtual Meetings and Interviews

Everybody knows that the face of accounting (and every other industry) has changed with current events. From Zoom conferences to solely digital internships, virtual meetings are taking over, and as that happens – the way you approach them must change, too. It’s no surprise that a virtual internship, or a virtual meeting, can feel a […]

Will artificial intelligence take over accounting?

By Carolyn Rivera

Will Artificial Intelligence Take Over Accounting? with Robot

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is often used in science fiction to describe robots that take over the world, but lately the term has worked its way into workplaces around the world. As technological innovations become more sophisticated, AI is able to take on specific tasks in industries like customer service and manufacturing that previously could only […]

Car Driving Down Road with Text Surgent CPA Review Introduces MyMCQ

Surgent CPA Review, an exam prep provider known for its innovative personalized learning software, recently announced an enhancement called MyMCQ™ to its machine-learning algorithm. MyMCQ automatically adjusts the difficulty level of multiple-choice questions based on each candidate’s level of proficiency in that particular topic, pushing them to more advanced competency levels and getting them exam […]

Top Excel skills for accountants

By Megan Bierwirth

Woman using Excel on laptop computer

Ask any accountant in any field which software they use on a daily basis, and the most common answer will be Microsoft Excel. The spreadsheet tool is perfect for anyone working in the finance and accounting fields due to its versatility and specific financial applications. At this point, it’s expected that you be proficient in […]

SOC for Cybersecurity: A guide to managing risk for CPAs

By Megan Bierwirth

SOC for Cybersecurity

One of the biggest concerns for organizations in today’s business environment is cybersecurity. Cybersecurity in its most basic form is the protection of electronic data from unauthorized or criminal access and use. As businesses capture more and more data, both internally in relation to the operations of the company and externally in relation to the […]

Prometric is continuing its investment in user experience. The company that provides testing centers for the Uniform CPA Examination announced a user interface pilot program refresh beginning in July 2019 with a complete refresh scheduled across all test centers by April 2020. Through upgraded operating systems, a new user interface pilot program, and a few […]

Data Analytics 101

Certain buzzwords, such as blockchain, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data analysis, have become increasingly common in the accounting profession as technology plays a bigger role in the day to day aspects of a business. While all of these buzzwords and their related concepts are important, none seems to be quite as important as data […]

Cryptocurrencies have made their way into the spotlight in the last few years, becoming increasingly popular with both individual investors and companies. But as their popularity has grown, so have the laws around them. As future accountants, it’s essential you understand cryptocurrencies to help you both stand out as a financial professional and provide the […]

Adaptive learning: Surgent CPA Review’s ‘secret sauce’

By Brandon Vagner, CPA, PhD

Adaptive Learning: Surgent CPA Review's Scret Sauce and Your White Knight

My name is Brandon Vagner, CPA, PhD, former KPMG Manager, and founder of CPA Exam Success and Test Prep Store.  I’ve professionally reviewed and analyzed many high quality review courses all the way from GMAT prep courses to CPA review courses.  When you boil it down and look at all the factors, what matters most […]