What is Adaptive Learning

How Surgent’s A.S.A.P. Technology Compares to Competitors

Adaptive learning is an educational approach that uses technology to deliver a personalized experience to meet the unique needs of each learner—typically by serving different course materials to different users based on previous responses to questions, tasks, or experiences. Adaptive learning programs typically aim to deliver content matched to each student’s demonstrated skill level and continue to adapt as the learning progresses based on the student’s answers and demonstrated competence.

Though many CPA Review providers use the term “adaptive learning” when describing their courses, many of them do not meet the definition described above, nor the spirit of the term. This disparity can make it confusing for CPA candidates attempting to compare CPA Review courses.

True adaptive learning goes beyond just changing what questions are shown based on how a student has answered previous questions. Rather, it should take into account how the student is actually learning and adjust each student’s study plans to foster that student’s most effective learning on a continuing basis.

Surgent CPA Review is the only exam prep course that is truly adaptive. Surgent’s A.S.A.P. Technology is built upon a proprietary algorithm that factors in question performance, exam topic weighting, student learning styles, and even the student’s exam date and available weekly study hours. It creates study plans that direct students to the specific topic areas where they are not currently doing well enough to pass the CPA Exam, while also adapting the plans to match the specific learning style of each student. Because of this truly adaptive learning technology, students using Surgent CPA Review are studying less, while passing at higher rates, compared to students using more many of the more expensive big brand review courses that have not kept pace with today’s learners.

Here’s how Surgent CPA Review works:

· Built-in study plans help you determine exactly how much study time you need to prepare for your test date.

· Software technology quickly assesses and reveals your unique areas of need

· It automatically creates personalized study plans that focus you where you need the most help—based on your previous performance and AICPA weightings.

· The Surgent course reduces study time while making the time you do spend more effective—shifting your focus to your trouble areas.

· The platform includes integrated text, questions, task-based simulations, and small, bite-sized video lectures that help you master exam topics with ease—no matter your learning style.

If you’ve always wished you had a CPA Review course that could cut through the mountains of content and help you focus your limited time exactly where YOU most need the most work, Surgent CPA Review is the course for you.

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