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“[With ReadySCORE™] you know exactly where you stand and when you’re ready to sit for the exam…It was a great way to make sure I was prepared.”
Gary W.
CFO Gary W. Used Surgent to pass the CPA Exam after being out of college for several years.
Gary W.
CFO Gary W. Used Surgent to pass the CPA Exam after being out of college for several years.

ReadySCORE takes the guesswork out of CPA Exam readiness, enabling students to study –and sit for the exam—with more confidence than ever before. Our analysis has shown that the average student’s ReadySCORE at the time they sit for the CPA Exam is within 4% of their actual CPA Exam score.

Kim O.
A full-time accountant who switched to Surgent to pass the FAR and REG sections of the CPA Exam.
Kim O.
A full-time accountant who switched to Surgent to pass the FAR and REG sections of the CPA Exam.

Surgent’s 1-on-1 student support is unmatched in the industry. CPA Exam Success Coaches assist with everything from study strategies to test taking tips, while Accounting Professors offer virtual coaching for students who may be struggling to master exam concepts.

Josiah S.
A full-time industry accountant and former Becker student who was able to identify his weak areas and turn them into strengths.
Josiah S.
A full-time industry accountant and former Becker student who was able to identify his weak areas and turn them into strengths.

Surgent’s award-winning A.S.A.P. Technology identifies each student’s strengths and weaknesses, and uses that information to craft hyper-personalized study programs that adapt to your progress along the way.

Experts recognize how Surgent leads the industry.


American Business Awards:
Silver Stevie Award

Technical Innovation of the Year - At Organizations With Up to 100 Employees

“[ReadySCORE is] a pretty remarkable and innovative feature. There are many testing programs that don’t offer any guidance on testing progress, so this is a nice feature to see."

American Business Awards:
Gold Stevie Award

New Product or Service of the Year - Education - Postsecondary Learning Solution Category

“[Premier Pass is a] great example of how technology can enhance the learning experience by providing a truly personalized pathway” said one judge. “Great job and well done on the increased pass rates!”

Accounting Today

Top New Professional Education Product of 2018

“Test prep is exhausting and expensive…and even if an accountant gets past all that, there’s still a very good chance they’ll fail at least one section. That’s why the top professional education product this year is Surgent CPA Exam Review’s Premier Pass, which has an adaptive learning technology to customize exam prep and study plans to the areas in which a candidate most needs help.”

2020 BIG Innovation Award

from Business Intelligence Group

“We are thrilled to be honoring Surgent as they are leading by example and making real progress on improving the daily lives of so many.”

Women in Business Awards:
Bronze Stevie Award

Female Entrepreneur of the Year - Business Products - At Organizations With Up to 2,500 Employees

"Liz is a true entrepreneur leader and who understands the industry, has a vision and is able to achieve it. KnowFully Learning Group is proud to deliver exam preparation solutions that dramatically improve pass rates compared to national averages largely in part of by using adaptive learning technology to determine each individual’s baseline knowledge and focus on areas of weakness to focus preparation for the exam."

2021 Cool Tool Winner

from EdTech Digest

A.S.A.P. Technology™ has won The EdTech Cool Tool Award 2020, in the Adaptive Technology Solution category.


Best CPA Review with the Best Technology

from CreditDonkey

"Surgent's technology continually tailors your studies to your needs. They measure your study behaviors combined with the weight of current CPA questions to determine where you should focus your studies. The study program is personalized from start to finish."

Best CPA Review Course

from The Big 4 Accounting Firms

"With the Surgent CPA Review Course, your materials are trimmed down to the essential topics. This reduces the number of hours that you will have to study for your exams. This course is taught by instructors who have over 20 years of experience teaching CPA exam prep..."

Top Consumer Reviews

Best CPA Exam Review Program

“If you're looking for a comprehensive program that helps you spend your time on the right topics and gives you unlimited access to your course materials, this is an ideal fit. For all of these reasons, Surgent CPA Review earns our highest rating as the best CPA Exam Review program available today.”


ELearning Inside


"Accurately predicting a candidate’s exam score, of course, is not as important as getting that candidate to pass. On this front, the company has achieved significant results. On a national average, roughly half of the CPA candidates who take the exam fail. Among those who train with Surgent, however, 92% pass."

Accounting Today

Surgent Releases New CPA Exam Readiness Product

"Surgent CPA Review has released ReadyScore, a product that measures CPA Exam readiness, within its CPA exam preparation course. As the American Institute of CPAs continues to consider the implications of technological advancements in the accounting field on the content of the CPA Exam, companies like Surgent are creating technological tools to aid would-be CPAs in the actual task of taking the exam. The new product is powered by A.S.A.P. Technology, Surgent’s proprietary adaptive learning platform. ReadySCORE gauges a candidate’s CPA Exam readiness across all content areas and topics, and throughout all question types, in order to help candidates know when they’re ready to sit for each section of the notoriously challenging exam."

Spotlight: About Surgent CPA Review

"Surgent CPA Review, launched in 2016 as the first adaptive learning program for CPA Exam preparation, has achieved unparalleled success in regards to student pass rates...So how has Surgent CPA helped more students pass the CPA Exam? Traditional exam prep courses are linear – all students study the same way from Chapter 1, Lecture 1 to the last Chapter and Lecture. Surgent CPA Review is a non-linear course. The course is fully built based on artificial intelligence that enables personalization for each student study. "

CPA Accounting Institute for Success

"This CPA exam review course is developed to help candidates learn faster using new adaptive technology...Surgent takes a new look at how the traditional CPA study guide is formatted. Their intuitive software helps point candidates to areas of study that they need to work on instead of simply forcing them to study things they already know."

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