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Passing the CPA Exam in Alabama

Alabama (AL) CPA Exam Requirements state that you must be declared eligible for the examination and then licensed by the state. An individual becomes eligible for the CPA exam by meeting specific requirements that are determined by the board of accountancy for their specific jurisdiction. Below are the Alabama CPA Exam requirements:

Education Requirements:

  • 150 hours to be granted AL license
  • Minimum Degree: Baccalaureate (from accredited college or university)
  • Baccalaureate degree with a minimum of 120 semester hours (SH), by a regional accreditation board with at least 24 semester hours in accounting (excluding introductory courses) at the upper division undergraduate and/or graduate level including a minimum 9 SH in Financial Accounting, 6 SH in Taxation and 3 SH in each of the following: Auditing, Management Accounting, Governmental & Not-For-Profit Accounting, and business law (concentrating primarily on the Uniform Commercial Code); and at least 24 semester in business courses (other than accounting courses); or Graduate degree from a program that, as of the degree date, is accredited in business by the AACSB, or comparable accrediting organization recognized by the Board, and completed a course of instruction that includes all of the requirements noted above.
  • Candidates who sat for their first Exam section between January 1, 1995 and December 31, 2015, must have completed a total of 150 semester hours of post-secondary education with a concentration in accounting or the substantial equivalent as determined by the board (see step 1 of the application process for additional details).

Work Experience:

Gain the necessary work experience and CPE. To become a licensed CPA, you must have one year of full time experience in public accounting or two years of full time work experience in the accounting industry, business, government, or college teaching (must be courses in accounting) or any combination of the above. For work experience in these respective areas to qualify for licensure it must have met the following criteria:

CPA Exam Application Process:

  1. Review the exam requirements
  2. Submit the exam application + enroll in Surgent CPA Review
  3. Request and forward transcripts. Contact any educational institutions attended and request that transcripts be forwarded to CPA Examination Services for their evaluation. If you do not anticipate there being any problems with your application, this is a great time to start studying with Surgent CPA Review.
  4. Pay the exam fees. After receiving the required information, CPA Examination Services will issue your Authorization to Test (ATT) to the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA). You will receive a Notice to Schedule (NTS) which is good for six months; however, since every third is non-testing, the NTS covers four testing months.
  5. Schedule your exam. Your NTS allows you to start scheduling your exams. You can sit for the exam parts in any sequence, so you can plan your reviews to coincide with your exam scheduling. The most efficient approach is to sit for two parts in each exam window; however, exam fees paid for parts not taken are not refundable.

Where to Take CPA Exam:

Exam times are scheduled with Prometric and can be set up online at You can take the exam at a site in Birmingham, Dothan, Huntsville, Mobile, Montgomery, or any other Prometric location that is convenient to you.

When to Take CPA Exam

Testing windows include January, February, April, May, July, August, October, and November. Testing is not available during blackout months: March, June, September, and December.