I Pass The CPA #1

Surgent CPA Review was recently ranked as the top CPA Exam review course on IPassTheCPAExam, one of the industry’s most comprehensive third-party review and resource sites for CPA Exam candidates. After taking an in-depth look into a variety of CPA Exam review course providers, Stephanie Ng, CPA Exam guide author and owner of IPassTheCPAExam, concluded: […]

SOC for Cybersecurity: A Guide to Managing Risk

By Megan Bierwirth

SOC for Cybersecurity

One of the biggest concerns for organizations in today’s business environment is cybersecurity. Cybersecurity in its most basic form is the protection of electronic data from unauthorized or criminal access and use. As businesses capture more and more data, both internally in relation to the operations of the company and externally in relation to the […]

Top CPA Exam Articles for Students

By Rachael Brink

Top CPA Exam Articles for Students

Coming into the first semester of college can be hard enough without having to research information about the CPA Exam. From balancing studying for classes with studying for the CPA Exam to diverse career paths within the field of accounting, we’ve put together a list of essential articles for accounting students to read on their […]

Prometric is continuing its investment in user experience. The company that provides testing centers for the Uniform CPA Examination announced a user interface pilot program refresh beginning in July 2019 with a complete refresh scheduled across all test centers by April 2020. Through upgraded operating systems, a new user interface pilot program, and a few […]

Data Analytics 101

Certain buzzwords, such as blockchain, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data analysis, have become increasingly common in the accounting profession as technology plays a bigger role in the day to day aspects of a business. While all of these buzzwords and their related concepts are important, none seems to be quite as important as data […]

The FASB Proposed Delays in Major Accounting Standards: What You Need to Know for the CPA Exam

On Wednesday, July 17th, the Financial Accounting Standards Board proposed delaying a few major accounting standards updates for private companies, nonprofits, and smaller reporting companies. The FASB’s reconsideration of the effective dates of these new accounting standards had to do mostly with the burden it would place on financial reporting at these entities and how […]

CPAs of the Future AACSB Updates Accounting Standards to Include Data Analytics

The accounting industry has undergone major changes in the last several decades due to the increase in reliance on information technology. From incorporating new IT into the workplace, to making sure it’s working properly, to protecting data, CPAs have their hands full as the industry evolves to meet the demand for growth and innovation. In […]

Whether you’re considering obtaining your CPA credential or you’re already in the process of studying for your CPA Exam – you’re on the path towards a very lucrative career. Soon-to-be CPAs and students considering pursuing a CPA license have a lot to consider on their career path. What exactly does a CPA do? How should […]

To help CPA candidates get a better feel for the CPA Exam, the AICPA has free practice exams simulating the real exam. There is one sample test for every exam section. Auditing and Attestation (AUD), Financial Accounting and Report (FAR), and Regulation (REG) have five testlets with 10 multiple-choice questions and six task-based simulations. Business […]

Which CPA Review Course Is the Best?

By Megan Bierwirth

which cpa review course is the best

You’ve decided to take the CPA Exam; now you need to research the best possible CPA prep course for you in order to sit and pass as quickly as possible. As you start to dig into CPA prep courses, you may be considering which features you really need in order to pass. Do you want to purchase a bare minimum CPA Exam review course based on your learning style? Or would you rather go all in and get something with extra features or support? Or maybe your needs lie somewhere in the middle? You’re a unique individual, and your CPA Review course should fit with your specific learning needs.

If you’re in the throngs of researching, check out Surgent’s three different packages: Essentials Pass, Premier Pass, and Ultimate Pass. You’re sure to find the absolute best CPA review course to fit your needs.