Switch to Surgent CPA Review From a Competitor’s Course & Save Up to $900

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Did you previously purchase Becker, Roger, Wiley CPAexcel, or any other CPA Review provider’s course and fail to pass the CPA Exam? You’re definitely not alone! According to the AICPA, the national average pass rate is under 50%, so many students fall into this category. We understand how costly, frustrating, and (unfortunately) common that is, so we want to help!

Whether you’re unhappy with your current review course or have actually failed the CPA Exam, if you’re ready for a change, we want to make it easy for you to start using the only course that helps students pass twice as fast while studying half as many hours. That’s why any CPA Candidate who can verify that he or she has purchased another CPA Review course is eligible to receive Surgent CPA Review at a significant discount.

Switching From a Full 4-Part Course?

If a student previously purchased a competitor’s full four-part course, he or she is eligible to save $800 off our 4-part Essentials Pass (with code SWITCHFULL) or $900 off our 4-part Premier Pass (with code SWITCHPREM).

Just use the discount codes shown above at checkout:

Save $800 on Essentials Pass – $999 (regular price: $1799)


Save $900 on Premier Pass – $1,399 (regular price: $2299)


Switching From Individual Parts?

If a student previously purchased a competitor’s individual part(s), he or she is eligible to receive $150 off the same individual parts with Surgent using discount code SWITCHPART. This offer is available on AUD, BEC, FAR, and REG parts.

Why Choose Surgent?

If you choose Surgent CPA Review, you will study LESS and pass FASTER! Though this sounds too good to be true, it’s not! Surgent CPA Review’s unique A.S.A.P. Technology™ quickly assesses each candidate’s strengths, identifies unique areas of need, and then automatically creates customized study plans that focus you exactly where you need help—greatly reducing study time, while making the time spent studying more effective. By combining this unique technology with Surgent’s highly engaging content–including integrated text, questions, and our unique nano video lectures—Surgent CPA Review students have been able to achieve these amazing statistics:

  • Students who followed our suggested plan achieved an 89.7% pass rate
  • Students who reached at least an 80% ReadySCORE in our program passed 100% of the time
  • Students attained these incredible pass rates while averaging less than 95 hours of study time per part

Please note: You will receive an email asking you to submit proof of your purchase immediately following your purchase; you are asked to submit your proof within 7 days.

Would you prefer to use our no-interest payment plan? This option is available for students who purchase our full 4-part Essentials Pass course using our competitive switch discount.

To take advantage of this payment plan offer, the switch discount, or if you have any questions on this offer, reach out to us via live chat, send us an email at info@surgentcpareview.com or call us at (844)-500-3810. 

“For the past ten years I have struggled down the path to the coveted CPA. I’ve taken every course out there but couldn’t get it done. After using Surgent CPA Review I was able to conquer “the beast” called the CPA exam in 18 months! My lifelong dream has been accomplished! Thank you Surgent CPA Review for giving me the tools that I needed to be successful on the CPA exam.” – Melantha P @ MBA, CPA Candidate